Vehicle and engine engineering services in Glasgow

Is your vehicle, generator or other combustion based platform not performing as it should? Restore the performance of your engine with engine repair services from West Of Scotland Engineering, Glasgow.

Engine repairs

Engine repairEngine reconditioning

Engines can be reconditioned to perform like new. The process involves re-boring the cylinders and replacing or repairing faulty components in the engine. At West Of Scotland Engineering, using the latest and the advanced equipment, we can remanufacture or recondition an engine or hydraulic system. For more details get in touch with our team of engineers today!

Engine repairOur services include:

  • Cylinder head supply/repair
  • Pressure testing, resurfacing, facing seats and valves, replacing valve guides
  • Assembling re-setting tappets
  • Engine blocks re-sleeving, line boring
  • Crankshafts re-grounding/supply new ones
  • Supply of parts for engines of any make and model
  • Manifolds surfacing, welding and removal of studs
  • Diesel engine repairs and machinery repairs